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Inspiring children at Beachborough School

Giving children the tools needed to flourish in an ever demanding world is at the heart of Beachborough School

"The benefits to our pupils and the quality of the outcomes are there for all to see."

It is crucial that the educational journey of every child offers as many open doors as possible. These openings must not only provide the academic avenues one would expect but also the intellectual, creative, physical and moral dimensions which are central to life.

At Beachborough we understand that what a child learns in one context has an impact on what they learn elsewhere, whether that be inside or outside the classroom.

Last year over 500 children took part in our Beachborough Triathlon Series and Beachborough Eventer Challenge, where both novice first timers and experienced competitors enjoyed the personal challenge of these fantastic sports.

We warmly invite your child to take part in this year’s exciting events:


Swim/Bike/Run on Sunday 12th June 2016


Equestrian Cross Country on Sunday 25th September 2016


Our extensive range of experiences generates a culture at Beachborough that not only culminates in a high level of exam success, but a genuine passion for subjects beyond the syllabus. The benefits to our pupils and the quality of the outcomes are there for all to see.

For further details of all our events please visit our website.


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