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Shaunna Latchman works in media communications, writes her own successful blog, and is a regular contributor to several websites.

Made in Oxfordshire

Shaunna Latchman

Name: Vicky Jewson
DOB: 18 September 1985
Education: Wychwood School
Born: Oxford
Lives: Farmoor

At 18 years old, Vicky Jewson established production company Jewson Film Productions; at 23 she won the Arts, Media and Culture category at the Women of the Future Awards for her reimagined, modern day tale of the classic Lady Godiva; at 26 she co-wrote, directed and produced action movie ‘Born of War’; and at 31 (phew…) she is on the brink of taking Hollywood.

Jewson’s passion for film production was evident from an early age. At seven years old, she made herself familiar with her father’s camera and as she got older, instead of going to house parties, she roped her friends into making short films. She founded her own film and drama clubs at school, attended a filmmakers’ course at Modern Art Oxford and directed a Second World War film, ‘Lilly’s White’, which was screened at The Old Fire Station. And within seconds of completing her A-levels, Jewson put pen to paper once more and reinvented ‘Lady Godiva’. It was no easy task, but after finally raising the necessary funding her debut was released in cinemas across the country.

Not surprisingly, her sheer determination and drive has seen her stride confidently into the male-dominated film industry and release her second film, an all-out action fest titled ‘Born of War’.

Bruising and logistically brutal, it firmly establishes Jewson’s fondness for tough, no-nonsense female leads, yet she manages to temper this finesse for the action genre with beautifully written, full-bodied characters whose very strength derives from their unabashed fragility. A self-professed storyteller, she uses every scrap of resource, time and energy available to her, including the very city she grew up in.

Both ‘Lady Godiva’ and ‘Born of War’ are feathered with subtle nods to Oxford, from a nude Phoebe Thomas cantering across Magdalen Bridge on a horse in ‘Lady Godiva’, to adrenaline filled scenes with Sofia Black-D’Elia jumping from a jet plane at Kidlington Airport for ‘Born of War’. She is keen to continue doing so, as well as taking on young up-and-coming filmmakers with whom she aims to broaden the scope of the British film industry. But what is her ultimate dream? Surely having her own production company is enough? Most young girls want to be in front of the camera, the siren who breaks the hero’s heart, a Bond girl maybe? Not Jewson – she wants to be the first female to sit in the director’s seat on the set of a Bond film.

And you know what? Maybe it’s time 007 was shaken and stirred.

- Shaunna Latchman